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Maciek went to...Norway!

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Hello and welcome to I Went Somewhere!

Today's adventure takes us to a country where you can hunt for trolls, drive in the world's longest tunnel, and you can visit Hell...apparently.

Go grab your mittens and your parka, because if you guessed we're going to Norway, you'd be right.


Hello! Tell us a little bit about you and where you traveled to?

We are a group of long time friends (Anna, Maciek and Kuba) from Radom, Poland and BusEkipa is our very own traveling project. We are traveling through Europe in our old van Volkswagen T4. Our adventures are low cost as we would like to show people that it does not take a lot of money in order to discover the world. Our main aim is to basically visit every single country in Europe on board of our green vehicle. On every trip we take three of our friends as we want to show them a completely different style of traveling.

How awesome was this trip?

BusEkipa - Norge 2018 is a trip where throughout the sixteen days we have managed to do around 6,000 kilometres visiting three countries: Denmark, Sweden and of course Norway which was our main focus. We have taken many amazing treks, for example: Trolltunga, a hike to see Kjergabolten and we admired the amazing fjords from Preikestolen. In addition, we have also driven through the most amazing and scenic roads e.g. The Atlantic Road - Atalnterhavsveien (North of Norway). From the 35 countries we have been to up to now, none of them have welcomed us with such beautiful and breathtaking views.

Norway is extraordinary!

What was the best part?

The hardest and the best experience was definitely a hike to Trolltunga, simply because we have walked for almost 30 kilometres through the mountains and the weather was constantly hitting us with the typical “English” weather syndrome. Since the beginning of the journey, the beautiful sights of the mountains were helping us to overcome the next kilometres. The final point of the “Trolltunga” trekking is amazing and worth every sweat drop. And from our very private memories, this is where Maciek also proposed to Anna.

How did you learn and prepare for this trip?

Before every trip we always read plenty of travel blogs from where we get all of the valuable information, tips and advice. It helps a lot in planning your trip and we recommend this kind of research for everyone.

Where did you stay?

During the trip we have mainly done wild camping which means sleeping in tents and that’s because we want to minimize the costs and most of all, we love #vanlife.

Norway is very friendly towards low-budget travelers and that’s because it is legal to sleep freely in the wild wherever you go. There is a lot of helpful infrastructure such as: grills, bathrooms and pleasant parking lots. In our opinion, no five star hotel is equal to your own little “hotel” under a million of stars, somewhere in the middle of the mountains while being able to experience the sounds of flowing rivers. The morning view from the tent is something that can’t be compared to anything. We highly recommend this country to all backpackers and vanlifers!

Where and what did you eat and how much did it cost?

Norway is quite an expensive country for travelers. Local shops and restaurant have very high prices but there is a way to overcome this - a portable gas kitchen. In the bosom of beautiful nature, we have cooked every meal by ourselves. Lunch with a view of the fjord? This is it!

You can cook everything you want from all the fresh products that Norway offers. We are sure that everyone will find something for themselves in Scandinavia, whether you’re a single traveler or a family with children roaming the country.

Would you go back and do it again?

Of course! We will definitely return to Scandinavia. We would love to visit the northern part of the region this time and get to the northernmost point of Europe - Nordkapp. We dream of lofoten, reindeers running in the wild and Lapland, with the village of Saint Nicholas. Scandinavia is a mesmerizing and beautiful region of Europe with a very virgin landscape. For nature lovers, we highly recommend this place.

Advice for people planning to do something similar?

The main advice would be to not plan everything rigidly. Give yourself some spontaneity and slack during the trip. Live the moment and really enjoy every minute spent there. Even if you do not plan a trip, you’ll still find a lot of places worth recommending to your friends. The truth is that you can admire the views at every step.

If you are planning on going to Denmark, Sweden or Norway, give us a shout and we will share our MUST SEE list with you. Greetings from Poland!

Where can we go to connect with you?

Instagram: @busekipa

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Catch you next time. Happy travels!

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