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Nina went to...Ireland!

Hello and welcome to I Went Somewhere!

Top o the mornin' to ya! Today we're headed to the emerald isle to be sure, to be sure. Ireland? Yep. Join us for this great travel story with Nina!

So get your credit cards out, and get ready to book your next trip!


Hello! Tell us a little bit about you and where you traveled to...

My name is Nina and I am a full time RV traveler, domestic and internationally. Last Fall my husband and I sold our home in California and bought an RV. We sold 90 percent of our belongings and live a minimalist lifestyle. My husband retired from the Navy after 23 years and now works remotely in Space Tech. I quit my job working with the house less as a Case Manager so that we could continue this lifestyle currently we are in Utah.

Irish Coastline

How great was the trip?

The trip that sticks out the most for us is our recent trip to Ireland. Ireland has been on my bucket list so we booked our flights and took off for 5 days followed by a trip to Scotland for another 5 days which was also lovely as well.

Ireland is a magical country, lush and very green. The people are very friendly and the energy and vibe of Ireland is great! We stayed in Dublin with a quick stop in Glasgow and Bray. The food is delicious so that makes it even better!

What did you do while you were there?

While in Dublin we visited the famous Temple Bar and several other pubs and restaurants Old Mill restaurant was our favorite! Traditional Irish cuisine throughout the city with bangers and mash being my favorite. At night the city feels like you’re walking in a movie with all the old buildings and beautiful churches. We also took the dart trains to Glasgow and Bray which was easy to figure out and relatively cheap. Bray is a beautiful seaside town with beautiful scenery where Glasgow is more city feels.

Castle in Ireland

How did you learn and prepare for this trip?

Since Ireland was on my bucket list and we wanted to go overseas it was a no brainer for us to go! I researched online about the country and also followed some accounts on instagram and hash tags.

A bird sitting on a monument

How did you get there?

We flew via Aer Lingus and took a taxi to our hotel upon arrival. Easy getting through security and customs.

Where did you stay?

We stayed at a local hotel in the city center called Stay City Apart Hotel which btw had the friendliest staff.

cliffs in ireland

Where and what did you eat?

We ate mostly the local cuisine and I ate a lot of bangers and mash and fish n chips. We visited several pubs but my husband and I don’t like beer so we stuck to hard liquor.

headstones at cemetery

How much did it cost?

Overall the trip costed around $6,500, money well spent.

Would you go back and do it again?

I will definitely go back and stay longer so that we could tour the whole country.

Person looking at ocean

Advice for people planning to do something similar?

Research, read up on the culture, you don’t need to do money exchange as they mostly use card. The exchange rate is not much different that U. S prices, not cheap but not expensive either.

Any other experiences or businesses you wish to mention that made your trip better or more comfortable?

We also took a day trip to Cliffs Of Moher which imo was amazing! I think it’s a must visit place with so much history and they also have made several well known movies at this location.

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