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Michelle went to...Peru!

Hello world, my name is Michelle! Both my husband and I are travel enthusiasts, and

whenever we are able to get away from our full-time jobs, we lose ourselves into our

next destination. We have been living in Miami for many years, a great city to depart

from, with easy connections to Latin America, Europe and beyond.

I have been to almost 50 countries, if you are interested in following our adventures, please check my Instagram page.

For our trip to Peru, we were fortunate enough to go as a couple (our 2 kids had a blast

staying with the grandparents), and followed the itinerary below:

Day 1: we left Miami on a direct flight to Lima with a 3h stopover, and caught the next

flight to Cusco, in the early hours of Day 2. Since our schedule was precisely arranged,

this was one of the key points of the trip that HAD to work: usually early morning flights

in Peru can be delayed or canceled due to weather, so it was critical that we made it.

Thankfully we did! First challenge accomplished!

Day 2: it was very critical to arrive on time in Cuzco, because our train leaving to Aguas

Calientes (the principal access point to Machu Picchu) left a couple hours after our flight

arrival, and we still needed to get a taxi from the Cuzco airport to the train station. I

know right? Living dangerously! Thank God it all worked out! We chose to take the

Vistadome, which is a train with panoramic windows and killer views of the


In 3h30 hours we arrived and checked into our hotel, which was super close to the train station: the Hatun Inti Boutique. Our very spacious room overlooked a river which lulled you to sleep. On top of that, we had a huge private hot tub, and a comfy bed. Time to relax right? No way!! After lunch we got right to our main goal: visit Machu Picchu. Once on the bus up the mountain, I could only think “are we going to die???”

The mountain is pretty steep and buses go up and down pretty fast. One of those moments in life where you just have to trust the process!

And voilà, we arrived at the most famous symbol of the Incan Empire! At the entrance

we hired a local guide and walked around the grounds, appreciating the moment, being

oh so thankful and taking it all in. I felt a bit out of breath, but very mildly. Neither myself

nor my husband had problems with altitude sickness. At the end of this day, we were

beyond tired and enjoyed what felt like a super luxurious hotel.

Day 3: had we not been able to visit Machu Picchu on day 2, the morning of day 3 was

our back up plan to go up the mountain. Since that was not necessary, we took the

morning to walk around Aguas Calientes and take it easy. Our train back to Cuzco was

in the afternoon. Upon arrival we checked into our fancy hotel, Palacio del Inka, in the

heart of downtown Cusco.

It is considered a historical landmark, housed in a beautiful five-centuries-old mansion. We spent a lovely dinner at the hotel with delicious food and

folklore presentations.

Day 4: was our time to visit Cusco, and we basically walked all over town. For me the

highlight was the Museo de Arte Pre Colombino (MAP), showcasing artifacts from the

historical period before the Spanish colonization of Latin America. Lunch at their all-

glass walled restaurant MAP Café was amazing and worth the visit by itself!

On Day 5 it was time for an early morning flight from Cusco back to Lima. One of our

goals in Lima was to dine at Central, a Michelin starred restaurant consistently placed at

the top of "best restaurants in the world lists", and featured on Netflix’s “Chefs Table,”but we did not have a reservation.

We decided to try our luck and stop by for lunch and it worked! They arranged a bar

table for us and we experienced the tasting menu with foods from all over Peru's diverse ecosystem according to elevation, ranging from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean. It was a very neat concept, delicious and mesmerizing at times.

After our amazing lunch we explored the upscale Miraflores neighborhood, known for its

beautiful coastline, Pacific Ocean views, peaceful parks, and great restaurants.

Day 6 was spent touring Lima. We went on leisurely walks in other neighborhoods such

as Barranco, San Isidro, Historic downtown and had the best ceviche at Astrid y


Our flight back to Miami was in the evening and our vacation was over.

If you have children, Machu Picchu might be challenging for kids, because of the

elevation and the time it takes to get there, but Lima is extremely family friendly. Would

definitely recommend travelling to Peru if you are curious about other cultures, enjoy

learning history and most importantly, if your priority is to taste amazing food!

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