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Jerre went to...Ireland!

Hello! Tell us a little bit about you and where you traveled to...

My name is Jerre and I am a traveler at heart. I have a passion for discovering unknown landscapes and a deep appreciation for local cultures. I don't see myself as a tourist, but as a traveler who always tries to become a part of the landscape and find authentic experiences that go beyond the typical tourist route. From remote villages to lesser-known natural wonders, I am always looking for new adventures to experience and share.


By sharing my unique perspective on travel and my determination to avoid mass tourism as much as possible, I hope to inspire others to discover and respect the world in a more meaningful way. I believe that discovering unknown places and experiencing different cultures is the key to creating a rich and fulfilling life story, and I am determined to write my own story as a landscape explorer at heart.

My adventurous lifestyle started at a young age and my passion for photography grew when I bought a better camera during my first vacation with my girlfriend. In addition to my work as an event photographer, I love taking solo trips with my overlander to destinations like Iceland and Norway. Through sharing my travel photos on Instagram, I unintentionally became a social influencer with over 20,000 followers.

I have experimented with many types of photography, but my strength lies in event and travel photography, as well as unconventional model photography. As long as the assignment brings me some adventure and meaningful connections, I am all in and invite others to come along on my journey.


In this journey, I would like to take you to Ballaghisheen Pass.

How great was the trip?

My journey over Ballaghisheen Pass was truly amazing. The winding road led me through and over the mountains, with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The sunset was the most impressive part of the experience, as the sky was filled with a pink and purple glow. I felt a sense of humility and respect for the difficult times the Irish people have endured while driving through the pass, past mountain meadows, grazing sheep, and babbling brooks. The pass is one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Ireland, known for its narrow width and winding curves, making it a challenge to drive if you were in a large camper. But the views of the mountains and countryside of County Kerry were breathtaking, and on a clear day, you can even see the Atlantic Ocean.


The Pass also has a rich history and culture. It was the location where the Irish freedom fighter Michael Collins operated during the Irish War of Independence, and various monuments and memorials near the pass commemorate these important events from the past. The history of the Ballaghisheen Pass is still palpable and has played an important role in the development of the region. The history of the Pass is still intertwined with the local culture of the area, and traditional Irish music, dance, and literature are important elements of the culture of County Kerry, inspired by the landscape and history of the area.

How did you learn and prepare for this trip?

When I visited the Ballaghisheen Pass, it was an unforgettable experience. As an overlander, I like to venture off the beaten path to explore pristine nature. So, I not only drove over the pass but also took 4x4 trails in search of beautiful streams and rivers to relax by. It was like becoming one with nature, as there were no houses or people nearby. In the summer, it can be busier, but I prefer to avoid mass tourism. During my hours on the pass, I saw only two cars.

However, in the surrounding villages, I could still feel the history. The locals were happy to tell me about the legends of the region, such as The myth of the banshee. This is an Irish folklore about mythical creatures associated with death and mourning. According to legend, the banshee appears on the Ballaghisheen pass to announce the approaching death of someone.


Another legend is about the mysterious disappearance of carts on the Ballaghisheen pass. According to some stories, these carts were regularly swept away by supernatural forces and taken to an unknown destination.


But the most interesting legend is that of the hidden treasure. The story goes that a wealthy merchant hid his wealth in the ground before he died. And that this treasure is still to be found on the pass for those who know where to look.

All in all, my trip to the Ballaghisheen Pass was an unforgettable experience. Feeling the peace and quiet in nature, while surrounded by beautiful landscapes and surrounded by mysterious stories, made it a magical adventure.

How did you get there?

Well, as an overlander, of course my vehicle has to come along on my travels, so there's no other option but to take the ferry. Especially since the Ballaghisheen Pass is located in Ireland, going overland isn't feasible. I took the ferry from France straight to Ireland. Of course, you could also choose to travel via England, which can be cheaper, but that comes with more stress. You have to drive a few hundred kilometers between two terminals and you have a tight schedule. But I prefer to choose the luxury option and sail directly. This way,

I start my trip relaxed and without stress. My trips often last a month and a good start is important to me.

Where did you stay?

As an overlander, I have the freedom to camp wherever I want, but that's not allowed in every country! In Ireland, there's a policy of tolerance during the low season, as long as you don't stand out and don't disturb the environment. Sometimes I stay at campsites, B&Bs, or hostels to take a proper shower. But in unsafe places, I recommend going into a Pub and asking if I can park there. It's an unwritten rule that you then order a small meal and a drink. So whether I sleep under the stars or at a cozy pub, my adventures as an overlander always take me to the most special places.

Would you go back and do it again?

It's like a book you've read, you may want to read it again but not immediately after finishing it. The same goes for traveling, I want to explore and experience other destinations first before returning to the same place. But if I ever get the chance to go back to this location, I will definitely do so because there are always new things to discover and I am always open to new experiences and adventures.

Advice for people planning to do something similar?

My advice would be to go well prepared. Make sure you know your destination well and know the rules regarding camping and overnight stays. Make a detailed plan, taking into account the environment and weather conditions. Always bring the right equipment, such as good hiking shoes and a waterproof tent. Make sure to always have respect for the local culture and the environment you're traveling in. And finally, be adventurous and enjoy the journey, but also take necessary safety precautions and be responsible.


The most beautiful roads in Ireland, including the Pass, are often the narrowest. Therefore, it's better to opt for a small camper, as large campers may have difficulty reaching these roads.

Any other experiences or businesses you wish to mention that made your trip better or more comfortable?

During my travels, I've had wonderful experiences with local businesses and services. For example, I would highly recommend using local farmers and their products because they are often fresher and more delicious than what you can find in supermarkets. Additionally, I've found that using smaller, family-run campsites can provide a more authentic and enjoyable camping experience. It's important to understand that in this remote area, small villages often only have one shop that also serves as a post office and even contains an ATM. Therefore, it's useful to keep this in mind when planning your trip.


Lastly, I want to emphasize the importance of a reliable and comfortable vehicle, as this is crucial for a successful overlanding trip. But I also want to stress that many people nowadays are only looking for Insta-fame, and this can lead to pollution of the beautiful locations you visit. It's important to respect these places and ensure that you leave the environment clean, or even better, clean up what others leave behind. In Ireland, there are often no public trash cans, so you'll need to look for small waste disposal facilities to deposit your trash. It's important to understand that this area is so remote and surrounded by small villages, so it's not surprising that shops often have little to offer. Therefore, it's useful to know that these shops are not just shops, but also serve as post offices and ATMs.

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