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Bradley & Heather went to...Southeast Asia!

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Hello! Tell us a little bit about you and where you traveled to...

Hello we are Bradley and Heather (Aka Best Believe It) We are from England and decided to pack our bags and head to the otherside of the world with no plans on coming home! We started this trip in Thailand and headed across the whole of South East Asia! We spent 1 year saving and planning this trip and we knew it would be an adventure of a life time.

How great was this trip?

We started our trip in Thailand and are currently travelling South East Asia, we’ve had so many highlights while travelling but would like to share with you one of our favourites so far…

The Ha Giang Loop in Vietnam.

The Ha Giang Loop is one of the most scenic motor bike routes in the whole world. It is found in the north of Vietnam bordering with China. Driving on this four day route you will come across draw dropping canyons and breathe taking mountain passes with scenes that are beyond belief.

What did you do while you were there?

The first day on our route was from Ha Giang city to Yen Minh, this was our first glimpse into the Ha Giang loop and just how beautiful the north of Vietnam really is. On our way to Yen Minh we came accross the Heaven’s Gate pass where we found a cafe on top of a mountain and enjoyed our first ever Vietnamese coffee whilst admiring the stunning views below.

The second day we headed to Don Van, we got up bright and early ready to hit the road again. We finally made it to our accomadtion and by surprise it was a absolute gem! We stayed at 1986 Glam Camp which was situated in the rice fields, overlooking Don Van with moutains views all around.

We spent the remainder of our day here amazed by how perfect this little camp is. In the evening everyone sat around the fire talking about how the trip has gone so far. On the third day we left off a little slower by enjoying a coffee outside our tent as we soaked up the views before we set off.

We were half way through the route now and was heading to Meo Vac where we found ourselves in the middle of the 8 turn pass. We stopped at the top to take in views of the winding roads situated in between 2 lime stone mountains, this was phenomenal! On the last day we took a detour to Nho Que river, here we decided to take a break from the bike and enjoy the scenery by boat. This was a highlight of our route which should not be missed!

How did you get there?

We started our route in Hanoi which was suppose to be a 6 hour ride to Ha Giang but after 30 minutes of riding our bike decided to break down. Unfortunately this was our own fault for choosing to ride on a Honda Win aka DTech Win which if you are not familiar with they are a cheap knock off bike and completely unreliable. After a phone call to Style Motor Bikes and a quick bike change we was back on the road again. This unfortunately added a few hours on to our journey and we didnt arrive till 9 pm!

How did you learn and prepare for this trip?

We researched online to prepare for the trip and also took advice from other travellers. We booked our accommodation in advance so we had a sort of plan of where we were heading. However my advise would be go with the flow as not all things go to plan and to understand your route, take a map but most of all have fun!

Where did you stay?

We stayed in many places along the Ha Giang loop but one we would like to mention would be 1986 Glamp Camp this place was unforgettable and we would highly recommend to anyone doing the Ha Giang loop to stay here. We have to point out its only open a few months a year as the owner gives back the land to the farmers when it is farming season and he rebuilds this camp every year!

Any experiences or businesses you wish to mention that made your trip better or more comfortable?

We would like to mention Style Motorbikes for all there help along the way they are the most reliable bike company in Vietnam offering 24 hour support along with teaching you how to ride a bike if you are not confident! you can find there Instagram here

Also another big shout out to 1986 Glamp Camp you were amazing and made this trip unforgettable you can find them here.

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