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Brad & Mill went to...Iceland!

Hello and welcome to I Went Somewhere!

In 2013, a movie called The Secret Life of Walter Mitty came out, and suddenly everybody was inspired to travel more. And one place everyone wanted to go to? Iceland.

If you've been there, you understand. If you haven't, you still understand.


Hello! Tell us a little bit about you and where you traveled to?

We are Brad and Mill, a young couple, seeing the world on a budget! We are both from Manchester, England and started to travel 12 months ago.

After seeing 16 different places in this time we have so many stories to share but this one in particular is about ICELAND!

If you find this interesting, make sure to check out our YouTube channel @Brad and Mill We also have TikTok and Instagram which is also @Bradandmill

How great was the trip?

For 7 nights in March we did a road-trip around one of the worlds most beautiful destinations… ICELAND .

Planning the trip was challenging as we tried to stay within our budget in one of the most expensive counties. We rented a Dacia Duster and we was on our way…

Waterfalls, volcanos, geysers and black sand beaches. Iceland has it all!

Some of our highlights from the road-trip were

  • Skogafoss

  • Reynisfjara Beach

  • The Northern Lights (EVERY NIGHT!)

  • Diamond Beach

  • Brad falling through ice 🤣

  • We have a vlog on our YouTube channel that shows all of these amazing moments!

What did you do while you were there?

Our biggest tip for travelling to Iceland is renting a car and doing it all yourself! Often booking trips can get crowded, expensive and there is a lack of freedom with your day.

Experiencing all of the natural wonders ourselves was much more rewarding! Another way we stayed budget friendly was shopping at supermarkets (Bonus, Kronan & Netto) instead of eating out at restaurants we bought all our meals from a supermarket and made sure that all of our accommodations had a kitchen! (For lunches we made sandwiches for on the road)

How did you learn and prepare for this trip?

We learnt a lot about planning a trip, a lot of the sources we found online weren’t what we was looking for and that’s why we have created our own vlog about this!

Each night we stayed in a different accommodation to match with our route around the Island, this was something useful we plan on taking away with us and using on similar trips as it meant we didn’t have much driving to do within each day!

How did you get there?

We left from Manchester airport and flew to Keflavík airport with EasyJet.

We also only take a backpack each to keep our costs low, it can be a challenge but that is why we have made a YouTube video on how we did this!

Because we did this, the airport experience was super straight forward and simple! Not having a suitcase means you skip baggage check in at the airport and go straight through to security so it is worth the challenge of squeezing everything into your bag!

Where did you stay?

We booked our accommodations through both and Airbnb! Both are simple ways of booking a stay and we never had any problems with it.

We booked both hostels, hotels and apartments, basically the cheapest accommodation we could find in each town! 🤣

Having a shared kitchen and bathroom can seem scary however it is a great way of meeting new people. We met so many new people along the way by just meeting in the kitchen!

Top Tip: be more open to shared places when travelling, you never know the friends you could meet.

Where and what did you eat?

The restaurants in Iceland are extremely expensive, especially compared to what we would pay in the UK for a meal out.

This is why we recommend buying your food from a supermarket and cooking yourself! For breakfast we had either beans on toast, toast or pastries.

For lunch we had sandwiches everyday which we took on the road with us.

For dinners we bought food we knew we would be able to cook with the resources we had eg. Pasta

We also bought lots of snacks to keep in the car throughout the days!

How much did it cost?

Iceland is a very expensive place to visit but you can most definitely do it on a budget. We did, and that even included renting a car!

If you can come to Iceland with family or friends then that will bring your costs right down as you will be splitting the cost between the number of you on the trip! We travelled with two other people meaning all the prices were divided by 4!

Would you go back and do it again?

Through all the planning, late nights and effort, this trip was more than worth it! Iceland was a once in a lifetime trip, it was a surreal place to travel around.

We believe that feeling will only come when your stood looking at the wonders it brings!

Advice for people planning to do something similar?

Our advice to you would be to:

  • Rent a car

  • Don’t just stay in Reykjavík

  • Travel with as many people as you can

  • Don’t eat out at restaurants everyday

  • Wrap up warm, head to toe

  • Timelapse the Northern Lights

  • & Have fun!!!

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Catch you next time. Happy travels!

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